New Releases on ICAN Productions

Ican 008 “Salvadorican EP” Produced by DJ Dex
DJ Dex aka Nomadico (UR) comes home to Los Angeles and drops a 4 track EP for Ican Productions. Each of these tracks mixes latin funk with house and techno magic for guaranteed results on any dancefloor.

A1: Barrio Bird
A2: Guanaco
B1: Nacha
B2: Lo Que Sea


ICAN 009 “Impolite to Refuse” by Claude Young remade and remixed by Santiago Salazar and Esteban Adame as ICAN.

Originally released in 1996, “Impolite to Refuse” immediately inspired the future members of ICAN. It had that Detroit Techno soul with latinized bass and percussion; even before Knights of The Jaguar, Claude Young’s masterpiece had won us over. Also included on this release are two new versions of “Impolite to Refuse”. Esteban Adame and Santiago Salazar did their homework to recreate the strings, bass and then added their own inspired twists for the ICAN Remake. Esteban Adame slows it down to 118 bpm for a latin funk jam on his Deep Mix. Ican is proud to re-introduce this classic to a new generation.



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